Fighting a Second Deportation

Aggie Hoffman

The immigrant was convicted or plead guilty to interference with reporting domestic violence in 2004. Immigrant was an LPR at that time, and was deported. The immigrant then came back to the US, illegally, and is now in a detention center. I believe this could possibly be a civil issue as well, as the immigrant did not understand that pleading guilty or being found guilty could permanently affect his status. He is now facing deportation for the second time, and I am his fiancé, attempting to help fight the deportation, and previous charges as well. Please help!

This is a complex question that needs a thorough review of the underlying criminal conviction and the prior deportation hearing. You should also know that illegal entry after deportation is a felony and taken very seriously. A great deal of legal maneuvering is required in this case and it must be given immediate attention. Help cannot be provided via a short answer to your question. There is nothing simple about this case. You should consult an immigration lawyer without delay.

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