Passport for Minor Daughter

Aggie Hoffman

I am a US Citizen who wants to apply for a passport for his 10 year-old daughter that just arrived to USA. I filled out Form DS-11 in order to get her passport but I now learned that I need the mother’s authorization in order for them to issue the passport for her. The mother lives abroad, so she cannot sign the form DS-3053 because it needs to be notarized by a notary in United States. Can I get a notarized authorization from my daughter’s mother made in her country and submit it with a certified English Translation along with the form DS-11 in order to get the passport issued, or should I just explain in part 5 of the DS-3053 that the mother cannot sign form because she lives abroad?

Notarization of signatures can be obtained from the local American Embassy/Consulate in foreign countries. As a U.S. citizen, you may contact American Citizen Services at the Consulate closest to the mother’s foreign residence. Hopefully, the mother will cooperate in this process. If this is the only issue, you should be able to resolve it without any complications.

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