Aggie Hoffman

I came to the United States in 1999 on the Fiancé Visa. I got remarried, and I had a daughter. My husband and I own a coffee shop. My first immigration lawyer made a mistake in the process for obtaining my legal status. That mistake was so hurtful that it ruined my chances to become a US resident. I was facing the deportation and 10 year bar from entering United States. My family had to be separated, and my daughter had to go to absolutely different country with different language. She had to be separated with her father. Financial hurt from that situation would of being enormous

My husband and I searched for the new lawyer and the solution of that horrible situation! I made at least 100 of phone call to different immigration lawyers. Most of them didn’t want to get involved in such a difficult situation. Others didn’t see any way out, without leaving United States and facing 10 year bar. When we almost gave up the hope, we find Ms. Aggie Hoffman.

Ms. Aggie Hoffman find the solution to my problem. It took us 12 years and a lot of work to resolve this situation. Ms. Hoffman stood by our side and her knowledge and persistence made it possible for us to fight all the way. In November 2011, Immigration Judge finally granted me Permanent Resident Status! I am so thankful to Ms. Aggie Hoffman for all her hard work and her big heart! I can recommend Ms. Hoffman like an outstanding professional, knowledgeable, reliable lawyer and understanding person!

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