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Aggie Hoffman

I was tired of my immigrant status in this Country and I totally lost all my hopes because any lawyer was able to give me a direction of how to change my status. I saw different lawyers and no one was able to say something different. All of them were so negative and their response were the same “You need to wait for your turn and in base of your application at least you need to wait 12 or 14 years more” after such responses I lost my hopes and decided to keep my dreams in a little box. Is hard to live in this country just day by day with no chances of future and progress. One day I met my husband who is from Germany and we went to a German place that we like to go all the time, we started talking to the bartender and my husband shared his idea of putting a business in USA, but his status was not allowing him to do that and in that moment she suggested us to go to see the lawyer that helped her 7 years ago, she recommended us to see Aggie Hoffman, The bartender gave us a HUGE hope because she shared her difficult case with us and said a lot of good things of the lawyer. She was our angel because we went to see Ms. Aggie and she said “you guys are the perfect match”, She was able to fix our residency at the same time! How? By using an alternate visa chargeability between Mexico and Germany.

I couldn’t believe it because I never heard such a thing but she gave us a lot of trust and my first impression of her was that she was very knowledgeable lawyer and we didn’t think about it twice. During the process of our case was difficult because was hard to make immigration understand our case but Aggie Hoffman was persistent and with her experience she made them understand.

A peristent and knowledgeable lawyer is exactly what is missing in a lot of lawyers. A lot of lawyers are looking for the easiest way to get money, they love easy cases but not to Aggie Hoffman. She looks for the challenge and for the best way to help you. She is a fighter and she will do everything that is on her hands to fight for your case.

Aggie Hoffman is a very talent and professional lawyer and her assistant is a very sweet person who was also all the time in touch with me and I can say that she is a very sensitive person and she made me feel that she was understanding my concerns, my stress sometimes and I can say that I felt like she was part of my family. I really appreciate that!

I can’t find enough words to thank her for everything that she did for us, she opened the door of our future in this land and I highly recommend her services.

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