DV Lottery

Aggie Hoffman

I am about to step into the US in next month on F-1 and I applied for the DV Lottery 2011 after I got the F-1 visa. My question is, will I face any difficulty at the port of entry? And if I win the lottery in next July will there be any problem to become an immigrant with my present status?

Based on the sequence of the applications, there appears to be no conflict between the required non-immigrant intent (F-1) and application for the DV lottery. Furthermore, assuming that one does not intend to overstay or otherwise violate the terms of the the F-1 status, no penalty would attach to winning the lottery. In other words, a person in the U.S. in valid nonimmigrant status who later wins the DV lottery, may adjust status to lawful permanent residence (green card) without leaving the U.S.

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