Non Immigrant Visa

Aggie Hoffman

I have a friend and I want him to visit me for about 1 month. My question is: I will have been divorced by the time I file for his paperwork. My soon to be ex is from the same country. I will be taking back my maiden name too. My friend has done so much for me when I was in his country and I would love for him to visit me. What steps should I take? Do you think his chances are good for him to visit? He has no relatives here in the states. Thanks.

There is no “paperwork” to be filed by you in order for your friend to receive a visitor’s visa (B-2). Perhaps you are referring to an Affidavit of Support. Ultimately, however, whether he is granted a visitor (B-2) visa depends on him and the consular officer where he is applying.

The decision on the visa has little to do with you. For example, does your firend have a job? Does it pay well? Does he own property? Is he married, with children, or single? Is he likely to return to his home country? The more ties he has to his home country, the more likely it is that he will receive the visa. A lawyer can be helpful to assure that all the facts are presented in the most favorable light.

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