Aggie Hoffman

Aggie Hoffman goes above and beyond the call of duty for an immigration lawyer. My case was especially challenging because it is extremely rare to get approval for a national interest waiver (EB-2) without a request for evidence, but due to Aggie’s stellar expertise, she handled every angle with magical precision and I received my waiver! Her grade is an A+ for my case and I add 10 plusses.

Aggie worked faster than I could fill in my own applications, which she also helped me with; she was always there for me at my side when I had a question or concern; she explained everything to me in simple terms if and when I became confused or worried. Overall, I received an outstanding professionalism and care in Aggie’s hands, which even included much-needed words of encouragement and reassurance along the way. Aggie Hoffman is the Michael Jordan of all lawyers in America HANDS DOWN!! Thank you so much Aggie!! I am eternally indebted.

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