Lost Certificate of Naturalization

Aggie Hoffman

I lost my certificate of naturalization and need legal advice. I sent for a form N-565 almost a year ago. I sent the form to the USCIS Nebraska service center where I was told to send it. I waited about a month before I heard from them. I have received numerous letters from them stating that they do not have sufficient proof for me ever becoming a citizen.

It appears that your application was not accurately or completely prepared because the USCIS is requesting additional information. You must submit your reply for arrival by the 27th. If you do not meet the deadline, your application will be denied and you will have to file a new one, paying the filing fee again. It is always best to mail it certified, return receipt requested or via overnight courier with a required signature. No further reply can be provided until your application has been reviewed as well as the request for evidence issued by the USCIS.

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