Proof of Ties to Home Country

Aggie Hoffman

Why does a person have to have a bank account and own land or business to leave Jamaica? I do not know why if a person wants to leave Jamaica for good after contacting the Embassy in Kingston was told he must have a bank account and must have land or business as collateral as well. This makes no sense neither of us understand that. He has no bad background, is well educated and will not be a government issue. He will not need housing assistance or food stamps: nothing but leave there to come live here legally and become an active person. He will not be a burden on anyone.

The issue appears to be proof of ties to the home country in order to qualify for a U.S. visa. It has always been necessary to provide evidence that the visa applicant is likely to depart the US at the completion of his visit. If the applicant wants to stay in the US permanently, he must apply for an immigrant visa. Not everyone can qualify for permanent residence. A consultation with an immigration attorney is in order.

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