Can a US Citizen Get in Trouble with Immigration?

Aggie Hoffman

A US citizen married an immigrant on a tourist visa. They were planning to get married, but the citizen had doubts. Then the immigrant basically coerced her into marriage. Now they are divorced as the citizen realized she was being used for the green card.

Can the US citizen get in trouble for potential “visa fraud” if that’s what it is for marrying on a tourist visa? One lawyer said that a US citizen cannot get in trouble with immigration or be prosecuted/charged because she is a US citizen.

If a US citizen signs false documents under penalty of perjury, (s)he can be prosecuted for make the false statement. Remember also that both parties are placed under oath during the I-485 interview. Lying under oath is also a criminal offense. Whether the USCIS chooses to bring charges against the US citizen is another issue.

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