Immigration Lawyer Costs

Aggie Hoffman

I need to know what an immigration lawyer will charge to help me, a 45-year-old woman to get my 25-year-old boyfriend here from Afghanistan. I was told I need a lawyer because of the age difference. Can a lawyer help us with this situation? Also my boyfriend has a good job and a BBA in finance, and he has never been in trouble. He has a lot of friends and lives with family in Kabul. We met on Chatous and have been on Skype everyday when his internet permits getting to know each other. We need to meet as said by law and show proof we are not doing anything wrong. Then we would like to marry and I would sponsor him. He will be paying for everything to get here plus the lawyer if I need one. I live in WA state close to Olympia. Can a lawyer help us? And what would it cost?

To find out what a lawyer will charge, you need to make an appointment for a consultation. Every case is different, but I know of no lawyer who would publish the fee.

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