How Long Does I-130 Processing Take?

Aggie Hoffman

I am planning to get married next month, I know as per Visa bulletin it is not current anymore but in future or anytime soon it may get any depending on cases or work load. Can someone please guide me if I marry and file for I-130 and then Consular Processing for my wife who holds Pakistani Passport but resides in Dubai, any idea how long will it take ideally? I have a green card and have 1 year left for applying for Citizenship. Can someone please let me know how long on average it takes for I-130 and Consular Processing?

Processing time varies with consular posts because of staffing and work variance. Even without consideration of the Visa Bulletin it can easily take 1 year. To assure that the case moves along efficiently and without delay, retain the services of an experienced immigration lawyer.

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