Is it Possible to get Citizenship without an Exam?

Aggie Hoffman

My mom does not know how to write and speak English. She is 67 years old & a resident since 2007. How she can get citizenship without an exam? Without citizenship she is not able to get the government benefits because she is under my sponsorship and I can not afford to buy insurance for her. It is very expensive. I explained to my mom that we can use an interpreter but she is still not ready because she speaks good Nepalese but she cannot write and she has also a hard time to remember daily activities. I need a perfect solution for her to get the citizenship.

She has not spent enough time in the US to get a waiver of the English language requirement. However, if she has a memory problem, you should have her examined by a doctor who can certify whether she has a medical condition that may excuse her from taking the exam. If you cannot afford an immigration lawyer you should locate pro bono assistance like Catholic Charities.

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