My I-130 was Approved, but I’m Missing an RFE

Aggie Hoffman

I’m a US Citizen. I filled for my mother’s petition in June 2013 and the I-130 got approved. Now I just checked online and it says that they mailed me an RFE in June, but I received it. What can I do? Maybe it is expired now? I can’t refile and pay the fee again. It’s not my mistake that I didn’t receive the RFE!

You have not provided a complete picture of your case. You would not receive an RFE on a matter than has been approved. Perhaps it pertains to another application that was filed concurrently with the I-130. If the reply time has expired, whatever the application was, may be refilled. To assure that your case is properly handled, it is best to have the RFE reviewed by an immigration lawyer in order to address any shortcomings in the newly filed application.

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