What Can I Do if My Wife was Denied a Visa under 212(a)(6)(C)(ii)?

Aggie Hoffman

The make the long story short, my wife crossed the border when she was 18 and she was on the passenger seat. The officer didn’t ask for status or documents only asked where they were going. At our interview at the consulate she was denied because her story wasn’t credible for them. They say that the officer had to ask for status or documents no matter what which is not true all the time. Her boyfriend back then was a US Citizen and made her believe everything was going to be fine because he was a US Citizen and told her that he could cross who ever he wanted to without any papers. They was pregnant and once she had her baby she came back to Mexico. Didn’t want to overstay or anything. Do we have any options?

It sounds like she complied with "regularity requirements" — presented herself for admission at a port of entry. The fact that she was not asked any questions does not make her entry illegal; she was waived in. You will need an experienced immigration attorney to bring this to the attention of the immigration officer.

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