Previous fraud ruling disproved! Let me begin by saying I would highly recommend Attorney Hoffman to ANYONE with an immigration case, no matter how difficult the case may be. She has an extremely high work ethic, an endless knowledge base, notices even the minutest detail, and seems to work endlessly to accomplish a task. She is personable, congenial, understanding, very easy to talk to, and a great listener. Now a bit about our case…

I fell in love with and married my husband knowing his status in the United States was uncertain, as he had a previous ruling of marriage fraud from his first marriage. After several frustrating meetings with attorneys that said they were unable to help because fraud rulings were final, I searched for an attorney with a solid immigration background. I found Aggie Hoffman. I cannot praise Attorney Hoffman enough for the hard work and dedication she bestowed upon us from the time she agreed to help us with our case and throughout the entire process. The case was very complex because of the previous fraud ruling, yet Ms. Hoffman worked closely with us to collect all of the evidence to the contrary, including extensive declarations from the ex-spouse, friends, counselors, etc. In addition to providing substantial proof the previous ruling was unjust, Ms. Hoffman also prepared us well for our interview. I had no idea what to expect, but our interview was seamless and smooth and she was there by our sides for the entire meeting. The case was approved without any request for evidence. Within two weeks after our interview, we had an approval letter and within a month, a permanent resident card! We can now begin to live our lives fully, without any restrictions or fear of travel. Time to take that honeymoon we have been dreaming of…

I will finish with saying we are ecstatic and cannot praise Attorney Hoffman enough! We will be calling her again when it’s time for the unconditional resident card.

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