I came to the United States in 1999 on the Fiancé Visa. I got remarried, and I had a daughter. My husband and I own a coffee shop. My first immigration lawyer made a mistake in the process for obtaining my legal status. That mistake was so hurtful that it ruined my chances to become a US resident. I was facing the deportation and 10 year bar from entering United States. My family had to be separated, and my daughter had to go to absolutely different country with different language. She had to be separated with her father. Financial hurt from that situation would of being enormous

My husband and I searched for the new lawyer and the solution of that horrible situation! I made at least 100 of phone call to different immigration lawyers. Most of them didn’t want to get involved in such a difficult situation. Others didn’t see any way out, without leaving United States and facing 10 year bar. When we almost gave up the hope, we find Ms. Aggie Hoffman.

Ms. Aggie Hoffman find the solution to my problem. It took us 12 years and a lot of work to resolve this situation. Ms. Hoffman stood by our side and her knowledge and persistence made it possible for us to fight all the way. In November 2011, Immigration Judge finally granted me Permanent Resident Status! I am so thankful to Ms. Aggie Hoffman for all her hard work and her big heart! I can recommend Ms. Hoffman like an outstanding professional, knowledgeable, reliable lawyer and understanding person!


There are no words to express how much Aggie Hoffman has helped me. I had five attorneys previously, and each of them just fed me with false hopes and did nothing but make my situation even worse. What a waste of time! One of them was even asked by judge to leave the courtroom to bring documents to appropriate order. That is not the case with Aggie. She is very tough in court and very pedantic and accurate while filling your documents. She never promises you what she can’t do, and what she promises she does.

Now I am finally a GC holder, and it happened only because of the exceptional expertise and professionalism of Aggie. Our relationship is not over yet, and I know I have a person on legal advice of whom I can always relay on.

I wish Aggie good health and long years of practice so she can help other immigrants like me.


Aggie Hoffman did a great job with our situation. Everything she tolds us was on the money and she handled the situation with precision on taking care of business. Her staff was helpful at all times. Aggie always kept us informed. All calls and questions were answered promptly. She did a outstanding job.


Aggie Hoffman prepared and filed my EB-1 extraordinary ability application. The EB-1 petition was approved within 3 weeks of filing. Overall, it took less than 11 months from the first time I talked to the attorney to receiving the green card in the mail.


Aggie is a great lawyer, she won our case after we had a terrible Immigration lawyer who didn’t do his job right, but Aggie fought hard for our case and against all odds won. She will work with you, and becomes invested in your case, she is able to make it stronger and better, and when it is time to go to court, you should feel confident because she does all that she can so that you will have a fair trial and wont be intimidated by the process. I totally recommend this lawyer to anyone.


Mrs. Hoffman has helped our family of four to get immigration visas exactly within the time limit she has promised. Through out the processes she was constantly in touch with us and aware of the situation. When we faced unexpected hassles and problems, she was quick, sharp, confident and strong. She didn’t let us lose hopes and encouraged us throughout the process. She is professional and a very kind and caring lawyer.

Wafa Sultan

Ms. Hoffman has helped my sister to stay in this country after we lost every hope. She has handled her case in a very honest and professional way. My sister suffered from emotional difficulties, but Ms. Hoffman with her kindness was able to engage with her in a productive manner. I would recommend her as a well-qualified attorney to any individuals seeking to change their status in the United States.

V. Yarema

I was in US for more than 15 years and Ms. Hoffman took my case prior to final court hearing. She prepared my case in 2 months, all paperwork and witnessed were assembled very quickly and precisely. Judge review my case and granted adjustment of my status WITHOUT actual hearing. The quality of documentation prepared by Ms. Hoffman was superb, she did not miss a single detail in my complicated case! I was absolutely blown away by her knowledge and attention to details. She is the best I’ve ever seen in my long immigration struggle.