I just wanted to say Thank you! Just that. I’m still in disbelief, open mouthed and so happy I can’t stop grinning… Jim is already trying to book a cruise outside the country for when I get my green card in the mail… maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t stamp my passport, otherwise I’d probably be walking to Peru right now! I just wanted to say thanks again and rest assured if I ever know of someone who needs a super lawyer, to help with a super complicated case, I’ll give them your number. You are wonderful!

A. Garcia

Success in a desperate situation: I was faced with deportation to Mexico as the result of my previous attorney’s oversights and lack of preparation. Aggie Hoffman was able to convince the Immigration Judge to reopen my case and consider important evidence that was left out at my previous hearing. That new evidence enabled me to file for asylum even 1 year after my entry into the US. The case was so well prepared that the government attorney did not object to my asylum request. I am convinced that Aggie Hoffman’s experience and dedication enabled me to remain in the U.S. I am truly grateful to Aggie Hoffman. I strongly recommend her to anyone needing immigration services.

S. Yeghiazaryan

Aggie Hoffman won my 9th Circuit appeal after my case was lost. I had very bad experience with my two prior lawyers. The first lost my political asylum case in immigration court and the second lost it before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Ms. Hoffman is a specialist of the highest category. She listened to my case history, and helped me to tell my story. She and her staff spent many hours with me, making sure that I understood everything. After my victory, I feel like I came from darkness into light and I have a future and hope.


My wife entered the US with a K-1 (fiancée) visa . She did not marry the original sponsor for legitimate reasons and concerns. I cannot say enough good words for the most professional way you and your office has been able to turn this nightmare into a happy ending. My wife was misled by two prior lawyers who said they were immigration experts. They told her that she could adjust her status in the U.S. by marrying me. We did not discover the errors regarding the limitations of the K-1 visa until the immigration officer gave us the bad news at the green card interview. As a result of the bad legal advice, my wife overstayed her visa and was facing a ten year bar to legal status. Aggie Hoffman not only processed my wife’s green card through Moscow, but was successful in obtaining a waiver of inadmissibility. It was a long and complex matter to over come the initial errors through bad legal advise (as confirmed by the State Bar) but the Law offices of Aggie Hoffman knew what to do and how to handle this matter in a most professional manner and with successful results. We are most grateful to be whole again, to be completely legal, and have this behind us. I recommend this Law Office highly.

R. Cheatum

Through the most professional efforts of the Law Office of Aggie R. Hoffman, my adopted son went from illegal status to a US citizen. We had 2 prior lawyers who said they were experts in immigration law, but we encountered serious complication due to their gross incompetence. Ms. Hoffman was able to get our case back on track and to get my adopted son into legal status. Ms. Hoffman is a Certified Immigration Specialist, and very well versed in many areas of immigration law. She provided our family with the most professional service and results. I recommend Ms. Hoffman’s office highly.